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At Lifetrack we care about people. We believe that people and organizations have God-given potentials that should be maximized. We come alongside you to help turn your dreams into reality either as an individual or organization. To help you achieve this objective, we provide services such as coaching, consulting and training.

Our Services


Coaches come alongside their clients to help them break through a rut in their lives and help them achieve their objectives. At Lifetrack, we are passionate about helping you or your organization break through ruts and achieve your potential.


As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We know that great businesses are built through great advisers.  At Lifetrack we are not interested in delivering well written documents that gather dust. We walk with you to ensure that your business thrives- which is why we are called business coaches.


In the days that we live in, organizations need to be agile-adapting to changing times while focusing on your core values and what matters to your clients. 


At Lifetrack we believe that every organization has a unique calling to fulfill and so we help leaders discover what makes their organizations unique through uncovering their peculiar impact on their customers. We conduct a group coaching session with senior management and use powerful questioning to help identify trends and “connect the dots”. We use time tested principles such as those outlined by Simon Sinek in his book "Find your why" as well as our experience working with teams to help organizations identify their unique purpose.


We have helped many teams successfully find their purpose and developed strategies on the back of their purpose. Contact us today if you would like us to help facilitate a visioning or strategy workshop for your organization.


Working from Home

Want coaching at a rate that you can afford?*

*Group coaching sessions require a quorum of 3 participants to proceed

Each month, LIFETRACK gives out free coaching services to help those in desperate need of coaching but can’t ordinarily access this service because of the cost. If you are an entrepreneur, career professional or new immigrant to Canada who would like to access this service, contact us for your free consultation. We work with individuals and organizations to support our Pro-Bono services.

If you would like to sponsor a coaching package for a client. please contact us!

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Here are some of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to us.


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