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We care about people and organizations maximizing their potential. At Lifetrack we don't just give a bunch of recommendations and leave you to it. We work and walk the journey with you to ensure that you get to your desired end point one step at a time.


We help both individuals and teams improve their performance by harnessing their unique personalities to help define what works best for the individual. We believe that identifying and using your personal unique characteristics will help you produce some of your best work.

Thus we come alongside you in every stage of your career development. We work with students, working professionals, those emerging from a career break and people trying to launch a second career to both identify and release the genius within -individually and collectively.

If you would like to explore ways in which we can help you or your team identify and maximize your potential, contact us for a free consultation today!


We regularly work with business owners - both startups and established organizations to not only  envision a successful destination, but also get there.  We usually start with the numbers and understand the story behind them and work with the Founder  to overcome personal barriers and establish a path towards the achievement of their vision. 


Services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Strategic Risk Management

  • Training

  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis

  • Internal Controls

  • Group Coaching


Drop us a line if you would like to understand how we can add more value to your organization.


People want to live meaningful lives that make a difference beyond the daily grind of life. Many feel stuck and are unsure about their unique giftings and purpose and seek clarity about their calling and ways to pursue their purpose.  


If you find yourself wondering if there is more to this life than what you currently do, we will come alongside you to help you uncover your unique calling and work with you to take steps that bring you closer to living a life of meaning.


At Lifetrack Coaching and Advisory, we help you answer these questions;

  • Who am I?

  • What do I do?

  • Who do I do it for?

  • Does it energize me?

  • What are the things I love doing?

  • Am I doing enough of the things I love?


Do you feel stuck in your current position? Feel like your career is not going in the direction which you desire? Do you feel a constant inner conflict between what you do now and what you should be doing? Or perhaps you took extensive time off to start a family and don’t feel confident about your abilities to restart your career in a rapidly changing environment, let us help coach you to success. We will help you identify the right FIT for you and help craft strategies to get you there.


Our Career Coaching packages include:

  • Release the genius in you- a package aimed at helping you identify and use your unique gifting

  • Career transition coaching

  • Job search coaching

  • Interview coaching

  • Get back into the workplace- designed for individuals who have taken an extensive career break


Get in touch with our team today!


Please visit our website linked below for more information on our ‘Faith-Based’ coaching services.

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