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As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. New ventures have a higher likelihood of success if their owners take the time to plan. Just like personal resumes, business plans often need a fresh pair of eyes to help bring clarity or perspective which is often missed when flying solo. At Lifetrack, we do not use templates and give you a business plan that would gather dust once you have received funding. We help you through the process to create a blueprint for the future of your venture and help you take steps to get there. Our experience with clients from several industries will ensure that we ask you powerful questions which will help shape the future of your enterprise.


Strategic Risk Management

Risks are part of any business venture however not knowing your risks and crafting a plan to manage them will set up your organization for failure. We work with organisation leadership to not only craft your strategic plan but help you craft a risk management plan which is fit for purpose and proportionate to the scale of your identified risk so that you can go on to make your vision a reality.


Internal Controls

World renown organisations have failed because of the absence of effective internal controls. We help you fail-proof your organisation by performing operational internal audits to help identify the control weaknesses in your organisation and helping you craft action plans to help you close these.


Control framework design and implementation

We will help you design a control framework that is fit for purpose in line with the current scale of your business operations, and that is a good fit for the future of your organisation.


Are you looking for an effective and engaging learning experience for your employees? Our team of engaging and impactful trainers are able to deliver training and workshops in the following areas. Customized training /Group coaching is also available to meet your needs.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Internal Controls

  • Control Self Assessment

  • Business Planning

  • Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Customer Service


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